Executive Skills

19June 2019

Ice-Cream-Maker Inventor: A True Game Changer

About 1.54 billion gallons of ice cream and related frozen desserts were produced in the U.S. alone in 2015 (most recent data).1 It is estimated that by 2022, the global ice-cream and gelato market will reach $89 billion.2 Can you imagine a world without ice cream? But who invented the first ice-cream maker? How did that one invention impact the production of ice cream and affect society?...

19June 2019

How Dyson’s “Purpose and Intensity” Helped Create a Multibillion-Dollar Business

Sir James Dyson: You know him from his Dyson vacuums. But Sir James is much more than a vacuum inventor. He’s an entrepreneur and leader extraordinaire. How he got there is something every prosperity-minded person will want to know....

26February 2019

From Rebel to Multimillionaire—A Recipe for Success

He was an angry self-starter and a rebel. He was warned by his father not to go into the restaurant business. Today, David Chang is one of the most famous and richest chefs in the world. His success path broke all the rules—except one. ...

26February 2019

Compassion vs. Corporation—How Repurpose is Fueling Global Change

Sustainability is on the minds of consumers and corporations, and it’s likely to be more than a buzzword and become a byword of commerce from here on out. ...

26February 2019

Meccano: A Hundred Years and Still Building

Meccano, a brand that was built from a bright idea in the late nineteenth century, still entertains and teaches young people across the globe. How did this toy revolutionize favorite toys in Great Britain and ultimately around the world, building an enthusiastic following of young men and women? Forced to keep up with the times, Meccano is finding new followers, including British TV fans....

26February 2019

From Near Bankruptcy to a Billion-Dollar Company—All Because of a Silly Bright Idea

Who could have predicted that a silly app about angry birds would create a gaming empire worth upward of a billion dollars? The app’s creators were facing bankruptcy—until they adroitly used this “administrative tool.”...

26February 2019

beMatrix: the European Award-Winning Company Reveals Its Formula for Success

The internet makes it easier for businesses to reach more people. Because of the increased competition it also makes it harder to stand out in the crowd. Learn how an award-winning company from Belgium slayed the competition by gaining respect for their company and products....

23September 2018

Innovation & Invention—from the Himalayas to Detroit

In India’s far north, a story emerges, one of a personal quest, ambition minus arrogance, unlimited energy, life-giving water, and a will to make the world a better place, soundly and economically....

23September 2018

Shofur—from Zero to Five Million Miles

A company in Atlanta of 14 employees took a good idea—a platform for managing thousands of buses—and integrated it (knowingly or otherwise) with two of the most fundamental laws governing any organization. The result: a booming and viable company that not only provides a vital service but saves lives. ...

26August 2018

Business Advice from a Knockout Artist

In the fifties, George Foreman grew up in the slums of Houston, Texas. He dropped out of school in the ninth grade and ran with street gangs. A life of crime was written in the stars. Today, George is worth $300 million. What went right? ...

12July 2018

The Sweet Taste of Success: The Rise of Halo Top

A little ice-cream company went from ten employees to nearly $50 million in revenue and changed an industry in the process. Fundamental to their growth: understanding their core “public.”...

18June 2018

Superfast + Super Good = Supercool How MOD Pizza Cracked the Code

Who would start a new pizza chain in 2008 smack in the middle of the great recession? Answer: A bold and socially conscious husband-and-wife team from Seattle, who decided to innovate the traditional pizza experience for a new millennium. ...

05July 2017

Raising Prices in a Bad Economy

When currency exchange rates go down, small businesses often make mistakes in setting prices, which can lead to serious problems. This article contains practical advice on what to do in such a situation. We must think of inflation as an economic condition that will persist for some time and, most likely, get worse. Thus, trying to “wait it out” is a bad strategy....

15March 2017

Motivate Your Team in 30 Minutes

What should you do when your team’s motivation suddenly drops? How do you revitalize your juniors with positive energy?...

03January 2017

Catastrophe and Raw Survival in the Age of Unicorns

[UNICORN: A tech startup that reaches a $1 billion market value as determined by private or public investment. The term was originally coined by Aileen Lee, founder of Cowboy Ventures.1]...