08November 2013

Organizing for Expansion

I’m now into my 4th decade as a Hubbard Management Consultant. Over the years I’ve analyzed over 1,000 businesses to pinpoint areas that could be improved organizationally. While there is a great deal of technology on how to do this, there are vital fundamentals to know—use to improve any business or organization, and they are rooted in the following from L. Ron Hubbard....

07November 2013

From Worst To First: How the Red Sox Won the 2013 World Series

Editor"s note: As this article is written with very American references, and as our readership is international, a glossary of terms has been provided at the end of this article. Defined terms are indicated by (*)....

15August 2016

Management by Statistics

Although I’ve delivered hundreds of management seminars through Sterling’s1 30+year history, I am always amazed that no matter what the theme of my seminar, I invariably end up answering questions about managing staff. Managing personnel can be, by far, the most demanding and, at times, the most worrisome subject for anyone running a business....

21June 2013

Cut Costs Or Increase Sales?

This question faces every business from time to time, and the balance between the two can make or break the business....

03April 2013

Concerning National Elections

We here at Prosperity are nonpolitical. In fact, our policy is to avoid political involvements like they were deer ticks. (For those of you that don’t know, deer ticks are the infamous purveyor of the bacteria responsible for Lyme disease. Some of the symptoms of Lyme disease are fatigue, pain, weakness, numbness, headaches, fainting, and rapid heart beats. As politics have a similar symptom set, you may have some clue as to the basis of our policy.)...