05July 2017

Raising Prices in a Bad Economy

When currency exchange rates go down, small businesses often make mistakes in setting prices, which can lead to serious problems. This article contains practical advice on what to do in such a situation. We must think of inflation as an economic condition that will persist for some time and, most likely, get worse. Thus, trying to “wait it out” is a bad strategy....

18June 2014

The Secret of Apple’s $150 Billion Reserve

At roughly $150 billion, Apple Inc. has a larger cash reserve than any other company on Earth, adding nearly $15 billion in the last six months alone. This should be no surprise given the smashing success of the iPhone 5S and 5C, which sold 9 million units in their first weekend alone—the sales figures some analysts predicted for the entire product cycle of the phones....

02April 2013

Administrative Evolution

As the head of an organization committed to the dissemination of a real technology for creating economic stability and prosperity for all—from heads of state down to people like you and me—I must admit to having my reality strained from time to time....