01August 2018

Hiring 101: How to Find the Qualified Candidates without Violating Their Rights

Hiring is key to any organization’s expansion. As L. Ron Hubbard wrote in his article “GROUP SANITY,” “Letting people INTO the group at large is the key to every great movement and bettered culture on this planet. . . . Thus inclusion is a major point in all great organizations.”...

30September 2013

At-Will Employment

I recently mentioned to a colleague that I wished clients would call me before they fired the pregnant employee. No disrespect intended to pregnant ladies here (having been one myself—twice). However, one of my goals in life seems to be to get employers to understand that they can take certain actions when disciplining and discharging employees that can likely provide them with legal protections should the employee (pregnant or otherwise) determine to sue claiming that his or her termination was wrongful....

24August 2016

Have You Hired the Right Person?

You’ve got a great product or service to sell. You’ve identified your target audience and are creating a market niche for yourself. But, you can’t do everything yourself, so you begin to hire employees to help you. Following that stage, many entrepreneurs find themselves with their employees going through a revolving door and eventually determine that, although it means working 14 + hour days, it is better to do it all themselves. What happened? You probably didn’t hire the right people....

11September 2013

Taking On New Employees

When hiring a new employee you will most likely encounter two things:...