20August 2018

Old Spice—This Ship Still Sails the Ocean

Old Spice, the brand once associated with sea captains and early Americana, completely rebranded their products in 2008 and have been successfully expanding their line ever since. How they reinvented the brand and continue to appeal to the younger generation is a story in super-successful promotion....

19September 2015

How to Create a Power Brand

This is the subsequent article to the previously-released “The Making of a Power Brand.” In that article we highlighted a very popular brand, Starbucks, and discussed the indispensable mode of operation that its founder and CEO, Howard Schultz, had to use in order to keep his company at the forefront of a market that is inundated with competitors selling a commodity that is as common and ordinary as a cup of coffee....

06September 2015

The Making of a Power Brand

The simple reason Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote, “The bitterness of low quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten,” has been carried so far through time in our collective consciousness is that it’s an unassailable truth. Nonetheless, it would appear that despite its historical acceptance, some brands appear to have somehow missed that lesson along the way. Those many imperfect businesses notwithstanding, the companies with the prevailing brands that we know and love, and who thus have raving fans, did get the memo....

01November 2013

Branding—The Right Way

Bullwinkle used to be my neighbor. That’s right....

12March 2013

The Power of Positioning

My first car was a ’53 Chevy which a friend of mine unceremoniously totaled on New Year’s Eve a couple of weeks after my 16th birthday....