06April 2017

Marketing Make or Break: Being Someone Else While Still Being You

Getting a new business going is a fishing trip through shark-infested waters. But if you can see the world as a shark sees it, you up your chances of making it to higher ground, and ultimate victory....

29March 2017

Bringing the Cyber-Tsunami in a Sea of Digital Noise

Our communication channels are oversaturated, and quite factually the minds of millions are utterly overloaded. How can your voice be heard with clarity amidst the steady drone?...

17March 2017

The Facts on Fake News—the Art and Anatomy of Lying

The buzzword right now—highjacked by all sides—is “fake news.” The phrase is being run through the political hyperbole machine with the power knob at maximum....

01February 2017

How Men's Shavers Engineered Word of Mouth

You have heard the story of how one friend tells another friend who tells five more friends and pretty soon you have an economic revolution. Product reputations are built this way. It does not really matter how much money you spend on promotion; what does matter is doing what it takes to get the BUZZ!...

01February 2017

From Space Stations to the Stars—Moving the World with Purpose

The poster for the film The Martian, based on Andy Weir’s novel, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Matt Damon, reads “BRING HIM HOME.” The phrase drives the plot and prompts rival nations to cooperate. Like the moon landing of 1969, untold millions of people planetwide were captivated with a cohesive message....

25January 2017

The Basics of Marketing in the 21st Century: from Zero to Zillions

Who has millions or billions to spend on world-class communication? Turns out you won’t need that for your buck to make a massive bang....

17January 2017

How Does a LEGO Life-Size X-Wing Fighter Relate to the Ascent or Crash of Your Company?

Communication is a two-way trajectory. It means asking questions, listening, and acting where necessary on what you hear. And it isn’t just externally facing—i.e., you and your customers; it’s internal, management to manufacturing, marketing to sales, and so forth, throughout an entire company. L. Ron Hubbard gave the core definition of public relations in his article of 13 August 1970, “Liabilities of PR”:...

26December 2016

How Facebook Changed the Face of Communications

Fan or not of Facebook, it can be readily argued that this social networking giant has become the champion communication medium of all time. Yes, there are other contemporary applications, like Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat; however, when it comes to sheer numbers, Facebook sits atop the clouds. It has expanded beyond its wildest dreams and seeks total world domination as Earth’s primary communication medium. Much like Amazon controls the world of online commerce, Facebook dominates the communication spectrum....

30August 2016

Another Type of Marketing

Do you work hard to make your company stand out from the competition? Over the years you've probably been given several tools on the subject of marketing, but let's take a different look—some “DO NOT's” of marketing that maybe you've overlooked....

31May 2016

Mental Real Estate

Positioning targets mental real estate....

28April 2016

The Missing Function Costing You Floods of Qualified Prospects

You hear people talking about needing more leads all the time. It’s practically a common denominator of business owners that they talk about needing leads. However, it isn’t just any leads that they want. They want “qualified” leads—the ideal type of prospect for that company....

16April 2016

How to Utilize Surveys

In the previous article in this series (How Not To Fall Off A Cliff: Surveys In Today’s World), we covered two correct application of the concepts as laid out in L. RON HUBBARD’S ARTICLE OF 2 SEPTEMBER 1979, SURVEYS ARE THE KEY TO STATS. “To find out what people want or will accept or believe, one does SURVEYS.”...

03March 2016

How Not To Fall Off a Cliff: Surveys In Today’s World

In 1997, when Diana, Princess of Wales suddenly died as the result of an automobile accident in Paris, millions of people across the world were overwrought with grief. It was a huge sorrow for people from all walks of life. And yet for the previous eleven years, her failing and disreputable marriage to Prince Charles had been marched in all its ugliness through the public forums, she had been portrayed in the media as a neurotic, and vilified for going public about her illicit sex life and a jet-setter playgirl lifestyle that was quite at odds with the expected behavior of someone of royal stature....

19September 2015

How to Create a Power Brand

This is the subsequent article to the previously-released “The Making of a Power Brand.” In that article we highlighted a very popular brand, Starbucks, and discussed the indispensable mode of operation that its founder and CEO, Howard Schultz, had to use in order to keep his company at the forefront of a market that is inundated with competitors selling a commodity that is as common and ordinary as a cup of coffee....

06September 2015

The Making of a Power Brand

The simple reason Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote, “The bitterness of low quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten,” has been carried so far through time in our collective consciousness is that it’s an unassailable truth. Nonetheless, it would appear that despite its historical acceptance, some brands appear to have somehow missed that lesson along the way. Those many imperfect businesses notwithstanding, the companies with the prevailing brands that we know and love, and who thus have raving fans, did get the memo....

02December 2014

The One Hundred Billion Dollar Marketing Mistake

One hundred billion dollars is serious money....