26February 2019

From Rebel to Multimillionaire—A Recipe for Success

He was an angry self-starter and a rebel. He was warned by his father not to go into the restaurant business. Today, David Chang is one of the most famous and richest chefs in the world. His success path broke all the rules—except one. ...

23September 2018

Trader Joe’s—Good Vibes, Good Buys

What is the unique appeal of Trader Joe’s? How did they rise to be among the top three grocery stores in surveys of nearly 13,000 customers? Of the best grocery stores ranked in 2017 on attributes like best value, fastest service and cleanliness by Market Force Information, friendly service and cashier courtesy brought Trader Joe’s near the top of the list....

23September 2018

Innovation & Invention—from the Himalayas to Detroit

In India’s far north, a story emerges, one of a personal quest, ambition minus arrogance, unlimited energy, life-giving water, and a will to make the world a better place, soundly and economically....

23September 2018

Shofur—from Zero to Five Million Miles

A company in Atlanta of 14 employees took a good idea—a platform for managing thousands of buses—and integrated it (knowingly or otherwise) with two of the most fundamental laws governing any organization. The result: a booming and viable company that not only provides a vital service but saves lives. ...

07November 2016

Anna Bissell—America’s First Female CEO and Why She Was a Sweeping Success

Who had it better—the turn-of-the-century executive or today’s tech-savvy managers? Without a doubt, the workplace of yesterday had its drawbacks—from working conditions to lack of technology, and of course the horse-and-buggy transport system was a bit slow. But then again, there were certain advantages to the lack of electronic interruptions generated by cell phones, text messages and e-mails (and rush hour just wasn’t much of a problem)....

15August 2016

Management by Statistics

Although I’ve delivered hundreds of management seminars through Sterling’s1 30+year history, I am always amazed that no matter what the theme of my seminar, I invariably end up answering questions about managing staff. Managing personnel can be, by far, the most demanding and, at times, the most worrisome subject for anyone running a business....

06May 2016

Proper Organization is the Fountain of Youth in Company Longevity

What do Lloyd’s of London, Japanese construction company Kongō Gumi, Swedish newspaper Post-och Inrikes Tidningar, and Canadian retailer Hudson’s Bay Company all have in common?...

05November 2015

The Interruption Industry

I’m sorry, I just got a text message, where were we?...

22July 2015

The "How" and "To" of Supply and Demand

In the previous article in this series, we covered a present day example of real estate and development businesses in China applying and misapplying the concepts covered in the article of 19 March 1982, EXECUTIVE SUCCESS, by L.Ron Hubbard: “The whole story of marketing is told in just a few words: ONE FINDS OR STRENGTHENS OR CREATES A DEMAND,” and “ONE SUPPLIES OR DOES NOT SUPPLY A DEMAND AND GETS ADEQUATELY PAID OR DOES NOT GET PAID FOR IT.”...

18June 2014

How to Correctly Prioritize Your Work

The following is an article outflow written by LRH on the 6th of July 1959.  It provides the perfect "scale of priorities" to refer to in sorting out the relative importances of what is on your plate. It is a good idea to refer to this article often to ensure that you and your staff are arranging your time correctly:...

10September 2013

Hubbard Administrative Technology, Way Down Deep

I entered the business world in 1976 though a dark deep tunnel....

21June 2013

Cut Costs Or Increase Sales?

This question faces every business from time to time, and the balance between the two can make or break the business....

17April 2013

Employee Coordination

Running a company is virtually like the inner working pieces of a good-sized machine. There are cogs, wheels and all sorts of things that spin, move or turn, while pistons crank up and down, with the simultaneous distribution of oil to keep the parts from grinding with each other and eventually stopping due to high friction heat. One part stops working or snags, and KABOOM! the machine blows up....