26February 2019

From Rebel to Multimillionaire—A Recipe for Success

He was an angry self-starter and a rebel. He was warned by his father not to go into the restaurant business. Today, David Chang is one of the most famous and richest chefs in the world. His success path broke all the rules—except one. ...

01August 2018

Hiring 101: How to Find the Qualified Candidates without Violating Their Rights

Hiring is key to any organization’s expansion. As L. Ron Hubbard wrote in his article “GROUP SANITY,” “Letting people INTO the group at large is the key to every great movement and bettered culture on this planet. . . . Thus inclusion is a major point in all great organizations.”...

05July 2017

Raising Prices in a Bad Economy

When currency exchange rates go down, small businesses often make mistakes in setting prices, which can lead to serious problems. This article contains practical advice on what to do in such a situation. We must think of inflation as an economic condition that will persist for some time and, most likely, get worse. Thus, trying to “wait it out” is a bad strategy....

15March 2017

Motivate Your Team in 30 Minutes

What should you do when your team’s motivation suddenly drops? How do you revitalize your juniors with positive energy?...

14November 2016

How to Bring About a More Orderly and Productive Work Environment

Is your workplace in need of increased efficiency, productivity and prosperity? There are many vital tools that must be in use to make this happen, and one of those tools, believe it or not, lies in having a disciplined and orderly system. And what exactly do I mean by that? Let me give you an example to illustrate it clearly....

24August 2016

Have You Hired the Right Person?

You’ve got a great product or service to sell. You’ve identified your target audience and are creating a market niche for yourself. But, you can’t do everything yourself, so you begin to hire employees to help you. Following that stage, many entrepreneurs find themselves with their employees going through a revolving door and eventually determine that, although it means working 14 + hour days, it is better to do it all themselves. What happened? You probably didn’t hire the right people....

16August 2016

Staff Education In Business

My profession as a management consultant involves the education of business owners and their staff. Having been at this for 30 years, I wanted to pass on something I’ve learned along the way....

15August 2016

Management by Statistics

Although I’ve delivered hundreds of management seminars through Sterling’s1 30+year history, I am always amazed that no matter what the theme of my seminar, I invariably end up answering questions about managing staff. Managing personnel can be, by far, the most demanding and, at times, the most worrisome subject for anyone running a business....

09August 2016

Using Conditions Formulas with Your Employees

If you are familiar with Mr. Hubbard’s management system, you know that he recognized that conditions in a business can be improved by applying certain specific and identified condition formulas.  In an article entitled THE CONDITIONS, STATES OF OPERATION, he said:...

08December 2015

How to Overcome Productivity Killers in the Workplace

This article follows “The Interruption Industry” piece previously released. In that article, we touched upon the seemingly endless variety of external activities that distract you from optimum performance in your work environment....

05November 2015

The Interruption Industry

I’m sorry, I just got a text message, where were we?...

03January 2014

Using Gender-Inclusive Language at the Workplace

1. Include “her”: An easy fix to a stand-alone male pronoun is to simply include the female by inserting “she” or “her.” This can be cumbersome in complex sentences, but sometimes it is all you need. Consider this example: “When an employee reaches retirement age, he or she will be entitled to certain benefits.” Avoid using “he/she,” however, or “s/he” in written documents. They are awkward and detract from the flow of your writing....

15December 2013

Create a Paper Trail

“To have a boom, you have to keep your nose clean legally…”1 —L. Ron Hubbard...

01November 2013

Employee Limbo

“To have a boom, you have to keep your nose clean legally…” —L. Ron Hubbard1 _______________________ Mr. Hubbard defined a “cycle of action” in this way: ...

30September 2013

At-Will Employment

I recently mentioned to a colleague that I wished clients would call me before they fired the pregnant employee. No disrespect intended to pregnant ladies here (having been one myself—twice). However, one of my goals in life seems to be to get employers to understand that they can take certain actions when disciplining and discharging employees that can likely provide them with legal protections should the employee (pregnant or otherwise) determine to sue claiming that his or her termination was wrongful....

10September 2013

Training—The Path To Success

Over the last quarter of a century as the CEO of Sterling Management Systems, I have seen hundreds of thousands of people introduced to the Hubbard Administrative Technology. I’ve even proudly received an award from WISE International for my work over the decades. After the awards ceremony, I was asked by a number of people how I do what I do....