Alexander Visotsky

Alexander Visotsky is a celebrated author of business management books and the CEO of Visotsky Consulting, a successful WISE-licensed consulting firm in the Ukraine. As tough as his native Siberia, Visotsky is making a significant cultural impact in Russia, Ukraine and the US through the implementation of the Hubbard Administrative Technology.

Posts by Alexander Visotsky

Raising Prices in a Bad Economy

When currency exchange rates go down, small businesses often make mistakes in setting prices, which can lead to serious problems. This article contains practical advice on what to do in such a situation. We must think of inflation as an economic condition that will persist for some time and, most likely, get worse. Thus, trying to “wait it out” is a bad strategy....

Motivate Your Team in 30 Minutes

What should you do when your team’s motivation suddenly drops? How do you revitalize your juniors with positive energy?...

How to Bring About a More Orderly and Productive Work Environment

Is your workplace in need of increased efficiency, productivity and prosperity? There are many vital tools that must be in use to make this happen, and one of those tools, believe it or not, lies in having a disciplined and orderly system. And what exactly do I mean by that? Let me give you an example to illustrate it clearly....

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