Concerning National Elections

Concerning National Elections

We here at Prosperity are nonpolitical. In fact, our policy is to avoid political involvements like they were deer ticks. (For those of you that don’t know, deer ticks are the infamous purveyor of the bacteria responsible for Lyme disease. Some of the symptoms of Lyme disease are fatigue, pain, weakness, numbness, headaches, fainting, and rapid heart beats. As politics have a similar symptom set, you may have some clue as to the basis of our policy.)

Nevertheless, there is another, primary reason why we have such a policy.

We believe in getting things done.

We do want to see world governments putting aside wars, infighting, and party politics to actually help their people. Who wouldn’t? But as has been apparent to those in the western world, at least since the days of the Roman Senate, politics which serve vested interests are about as valuable as a Saddam Hussein era Iraqi dinar. Furthermore, with the current state of political and financial affairs in Europe and America, anyone proposing to do anything but give handouts or increase military spending doesn’t get very far.

I’ve worked at analyzing differences in candidates, I’ve looked over their policies and investigated their production records (insofar as they were quickly available), I’ve read what esteemed journalists have written, I’ve sought the advice of friends, I’ve done all of this in an attempt to siphon any worthwhile and uncorrupted information from the soap opera that poses as national elections. I have read editorials and op-eds which have made impassioned appeals to any elected representative who may read them. I’ve seen celebrities use their considerable charisma and imagination to encourage people to make a stand.

All quite inspiring.

But we at Prosperity are, if nothing else, realists. And I had a sneaking suspicion that no national candidate would have the following on their agenda:

- The abolishment of all income taxes at local, state, and federal levels.

- The abolishment of any other system of taxation which leads to an invasion of privacy for individuals and corporations.

- A cessation of printing money until the currency was based on some valuable, and thereby bringing an end to inflation.

- A removal of any other practice which hinders and strangles businesses, and which works to penalize the highest-producing people.


No, I haven’t seen any of these amongst the campaign promises of any likely candidate anywhere in the West.

And I am doubtful if any politician who did speak that way would get very far. Not as long as the highest financial circles on planet Earth are controlled by suppressive persons.

And political leaders have never been our target, anyway.

Our target has been, and shall remain, YOU.

The entrepreneurs.

The professionals.

The industrious ones working to make a better, more prosperous, world.

The only effective force for change is the person bright enough to look for answers and act on what he or she finds.

We will continue to grow. And we will create the agreement throughout society that management is not some mystic and esoteric subject known only by the divinely gifted, but rather it is an exact science based on simple axioms.

We will make the change that the American public were so hotted up about 4 years ago.

In a treatise on management, written more than half a century ago, L. Ron Hubbard stated:

“An organization is a number of terminals and communication lines united with a common purpose.”

Very simple indeed. But then, truth always is.

An unremedied situation concerning any point in the above definition (purpose, terminals, and communication lines) will lead to disaster for any organization of any sort. If you are a businessperson, check over your own activity against that definition if things are running at all off-kilter.

Again, that definition applies to any organization of any sort. Even to the organizations located at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., 10 Downing St., and Wiertzstraat, 60 in Brussels.

Imagine, if you will, that a consultant in the Hubbard Management System sat down with one of our lofty and eminent world leaders and master statesmen, and worked them over on that definition. And what if Mr. President, or Mr. Prime Minister, or Ms. Chancellor, sat back with the unfailing light bulb going off above his or her head and exclaimed, “I get it! The purpose of my government is to create a safe environment where the citizens can go on with the business of living undistracted!”

Well, well, well.

Perhaps then they would realize that drugging children for being active, that extending the penal code until its so big that no one could possibly read it, that contriving strictures for businesses which make it impossible to operate, and that penalizing people for making more money than they did last year, that none of this aligns with the purpose they just divined.


But until that day comes, realize that society is only as good as make it; each and every one of us.

Those of you who run a business have a sphere of influence much greater than most others. And with the principles of the Hubbard Management System, you can make that sphere a zone of prosperity and brilliance.

And in that brilliance, the dark shadows of ignorance can do nothing but run away.

Maybe they’ll run into the woods. Where the deer ticks live.

Best of luck, and much prosperity to all of you. You deserve it.

Scott Waldroff Chief Executive Officer WISE International

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