Believe it or not, there is a direct, undeniable, absolute correlation to the level of income in your workplace with the level of cleanliness and presentation of the company staff and its quarters.

It’s true. In fact it is so true, that you can increase your income by 500% just by following this advice as laid out by L. Ron Hubbard in his article of 24 August 1965, CLEANLINESS OF QUARTERS AND STAFF IMPROVE OUR IMAGE.

In it he states:

“There is no quicker way to depress income and public goodwill than to have dirty quarters and slovenly staff.

“Clean floors, walls, woodwork and service rooms require very little. Clean washrooms and proper paper towels and tissue are an ordinary requirement.

“A clean set of quarters and a neat, professional-looking staff can increase your income by about 500 percent.”

Take a look around your office right now from the standpoint of cleanliness and presentation. See any room for improvement? Well here are some steps to implement these tips.


1. Inspect the following areas, taking detailed notes:

• The appearance of the reception area.

• The appearance of all offices and work spaces.

• The appearance of the bathrooms.

• The appearance of any staff break area.

• The appearance of each of the individual staff.

• The manner in which the phone is answered by all who are answering it.

• The manner in which the public are addressed at each point of public contact in the company.

• The appearance of all letters, statements, bills, promotion and advertising from the company.

2. Draw up a checklist of actions to handle any outpoints discovered in the above inspection and get this done.

3. As part of your handling, assign every inch of your office space as somebody’s “cleaning station” and issue this. Also direct that staff keep their own space tidy throughout the day and do not leave it messy or out of sorts at the end of the day.

4. Take this one step further and review your neighborhood and satisfy yourself that your image is in keeping with the ethnics of the area. If not adjust accordingly.

Enjoy the resultant increase in income.

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