The Missing Function Costing You Floods of Qualified Prospects

The Missing Function Costing You Floods of Qualified Prospects

You hear people talking about needing more leads all the time. It’s practically a common denominator of business owners that they talk about needing leads. However, it isn’t just any leads that they want. They want “qualified” leads—the ideal type of prospect for that company.

If they’ve been around any length of time, most companies have at least stumbled onto some method of closing people on their services—if they hadn’t, they wouldn’t be here anymore. They long since would have gone out of business. How to sell the prospect in front of them usually isn’t the major concern. The problem is not having enough people to talk to.

Seeing as this is a major concern to so many people, it’s worth discussing. If there were a way to dramatically change the number of qualified prospects reaching out to a business, would they be interested?

Of course.

A flood of qualified and interested buyers is like the Holy Grail of marketing. It almost sounds like a get-rich-quick scheme.

But it’s not. There is a way to do it which is very straightforward, very usual and something everybody knows about. However, most people have completely omitted it from their basic actions or have given very little attention to it. Certainly it’s treated as a complete afterthought compared with their sales department.

To look at this more deeply we need to review an article written by L. Ron Hubbard in 1965 called “Organization, The Design of the Organization.” In this article he states:

“As our Org Board and org pattern, we have not only an Org Board but a ‘philosophical system,’

He goes on to say:

“When you look at the department names, you can see what is missing in your own life.

“You can also see where your post or your job breaks down, for every job has all these ‘department names’.

“When you look at the division names, you see what the Cycle of Production must be in this universe to be successful.” 

Looking at any Organizing Board you’ll see that “making sales” doesn’t involve just a single department. It’s actually an entire division, the Dissemination Division, which is composed of three individual departments. These departments are Promotion and Marketing, Publications and Registration.

Reviewing the Organizing Board, above each department you’ll see the level of awareness which corresponds to it. In the Dissemination Division these are “Orientation” for the Department of Promotion and Marketing, “Understandings” for the Department of Publications and “Enlightenment” for the Department of Registration.

It works something like this:

A person achieves orientation through the Department of Promotion and Marketing. Marketing makes potential prospects aware of your services and creates want for them.

The person would achieve understandings as a result of the Department of Publications. These publications could include books, lectures or videos about any aspect of your business or the field you’re in.

In the Department of Registration a prospect would achieve enlightenment as to how their particular problem would be resolved by your products and services, resulting in them deciding to sign up or buy from you.

Simple, right? Yet, most businesses completely omit one of these functions.

They market to people. They send out floods of promotion. They follow up on their leads and try to sell them things…but sometimes things still don’t quite click.

They wonder why prospects don’t seem to get them. They wonder why their leads aren’t “qualified.” They wonder why they always seem to be chasing people down. Why are leads so tough? Why aren’t more people interested?

The problem is that these prospects haven’t achieved “Understandings” yet! They don’t know what the business does, who they are or why they’re special. In his article entitled “Boom Data Publications Basic Function,” Mr. Hubbard states:

“Books are the FIRST line of promotion and contact.

“By actual test, advertising services is not a paying proposition.

“The public has to be reading books to get so minded as to come into the organization for service.”

The missing function is Publications!

Rather than scratching for leads or going to extreme lengths to network for more referrals, publishing content makes prospects reach out to you. The way this works is simple. By publishing information, people see that you know what you’re talking about. They start to look to you for advice or help in your particular field. You become an expert.

If you publish widely enough, you’ll begin reaching far more people than you’d ever be able to speak with. In fact, you’ll gain readers you don’t even know—and might never meet. This is a huge extension of your sphere of influence; think about how widely you’re expanding your reach! This is what publications are all about—really getting out there into the world and making yourself known.

If you do it right, you’ll begin to generate a following that is interested in you and your services. People will begin to seek you out and will reach out for service. These are leads—some of the best leads imaginable. They already know you, they respect your opinion and they want to do business with you.

Qualified? Check.

Interested? You bet.

Let’s look at an extremely common example of this in action today: A company has a website with a blog connected to it. Each week they publish a new post covering some aspect of their industry, share it through social media channels like Facebook and LinkedIn and e-mail it out to their list.

Since the blog is relevant and in touch with their needs, the company’s prospects read it and find it helpful. Next week, when they see another post, they read that one as well. Soon they wait for the articles and begin to expect them. The company is building a readership.

People begin to comment on the articles. Some write and thank the company for writing them. A few ask for advice about handling an issue discussed in a recent article. Some ask about hiring the company and reach out for service. Now they’re leads.

In Internet marketing it’s an established fact that publishing content will drive traffic to your website and cause prospects to reach out to you. In fact, it’s even got a special name in the marketing world, called “inbound marketing” because it causes your prospects to reach out to you and seek you out.

But, really this isn’t anything new. It’s just the Department of Publications. It’s just Understandings.

All over the world businesses publish information to help potential prospects solve their problems. Types of publications include books, blogs, white papers, videos, eBooks, lectures, podcasts, etc. They do this because it works. They do it because it generates leads.

This is as simple as it gets.

Publishing content is a basic function of any organization anywhere. If you omit it, you’ll be scratching for leads, wondering why no one is knocking on your door. If you do it right, you’ll have floods of qualified prospects interested in your services and ready to buy.

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