The following is an article outflow written by LRH on the 6th of July 1959.  It provides the perfect “scale of priorities” to refer to in sorting out the relative importances of what is on your plate. It is a good idea to refer to this article often to ensure that you and your staff are arranging your time correctly:

“Outflow is holier, more moral, more remunerative and more effective than inflow.

“The order of priority of staff action follows for any department or staff member:

“1.  Outflow to general public using any comm particle or body,

“2.  Inflow of income-producing comm particles,

“3.  Outflow of finished work or reports to other org members,

“4.  Inflow of orders, requests, information from other org members.

“Give priority in terms of time as above….”

Prioritizing drill:

1. Make a quick list of everything you plan to get done today (or tomorrow) at work, be as complete as possible.  Include any routine activities of your job as well.

2. Look back over the list you’ve just made and write a “1”, “2”, “3” or “4” next to each item based on the category of action it falls under.

3. Count up how many items you have which fall under each category from 1-4 above, i.e. how many “1’s”, “2’s”, etc.

4. Take a look and see what you have the most of.  Are they mostly “1” or “2”?  Do you have a long list of “3’s”?  How many “4’s” are there?

5. Review the article above and see if you are prioritizing your day properly.  If you find that you aren’t, write a NEW list of what you plan to get done today based on categories 1-4 above and start!

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