Tips & Tools: A Tip Regarding Executives

Competent and loyal executives are solid gold to a business owner. The following is a vital tip you can use as an executive yourself—and with your junior executives—to help them create a more effective team.

It comes from an article entitled “How to Fill Jobs,” written by L. Ron Hubbard.


“There are two ways of removing people from post—one is drown him in an apathy of realizing he can’t ever do the work; the other is to send him critical notes only and give him no real attention.

“I judge a department head by (1) how much work gets done and (2) how steadily his personnel stay on.

“You can keep a physically working staff member on more easily than you can keep on an executive, by the way. Executives have a higher personal earning potential and are more ambitious. This (1) gets them into more trouble oftener and (2) causes them to chase rainbows. It’s a matter of handling MEST.* This stuff MEST keeps a staff terminal sane and a lack of handling it makes an executive jumpy and gives him ulcers. An executive who doesn’t handle even people goes to Hades** much faster. The more people an executive sees and handles, the less likely he is to fly off the job. The less people and MEST an executive faces and handles, the meaner he gets. Show me a department head who stays desk-bound and I will show you (1) an unhappy staff under him, (2) an executive that’s really off post and (3) one that won’t be in that post long whether he’s fired or not. They blow themselves off by not participating in their department’s activities.”

* MEST: A term coined by L. Ron Hubbard that stands for matter, energy, space and time—in other words, the physical universe.
** Hades: In Greek mythology, the home of the dead—a more polite way of saying hell.

Try this at work:


  1. Make a list of the executives in your business or department.
  2. Go and see the first one. Find out how often they get away from their desk to see the staff in their areas.
  3.  If you find any tendency to stay “desk-bound,” show them this article and work out with them how to get out and around their areas, working with their staff and dealing with their people. If needed, go around to their areas with them to talk to their staff.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 above with each executive on your list.
  5. Above all, make sure you don’t sit around at your desk all day! Get out and start seeing and handling your staff!


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