Training—The Path To Success

Over the last quarter of a century as the CEO of Sterling Management Systems, I have seen hundreds of thousands of people introduced to the Hubbard Administrative Technology. I’ve even proudly received an award from WISE International for my work over the decades. After the awards ceremony, I was asked by a number of people how I do what I do.

To understand that, I will have to take you back to the beginning of my professional life.

I grew up on a farm working basically as a “laborer” helping my father. Later, in high school, I had a part-time job as a grocery store bag and stock boy (I needed extra money for my girlfriend and car). Then I went to college and majored in biology and chemistry.

The reason for this bit of history is to show you that I, like many entrepreneurs, was thrown into the business world with no formal business schooling. Not one business course in college.

At the age of 21, I was working at a franchise which was failing. I was asked by my employer if I would run the franchise. I said “Sure,” and that was my introduction to the world of management!

Luckily I had been introduced to the Hubbard Administrative Technology and took a few weeks to prepare. I studied dozens and dozens of policies and articles on how to run an organization. In short, I got myself trained.

Mr. Hubbard had this to say about being trained as an executive:

“By actual test and practical experience, a fully trained executive will raise the statistics of an organization.

“An untrained executive will depress the statistics.”1

So with what I learned of organizing a production process, I got advertising going, filled the place up with customers, and got products sold. Delivery increased 500%. However, I soon discovered that I needed more training on how to handle the finances, or I wouldn’t have a franchise to run or a building to occupy.

I pulled out the articles from the Hubbard Administrative Technology on financial management and got busy paying down the debts. We became solvent within nine months! And this was after four of the six staff had wanted to quit. Yes, I handled each one. They all wanted to stay after they saw that, despite my youth, I actually knew what I was doing.

I continued throughout the organization, department by department, re-reading Hubbard Admin Tech articles and then applying them. It’s a successful action that I have maintained to this day—4 decades later.

So my successful action was to train. I learned all about being an administrator before I started taking action. It gave me stability and certainty.

People still ask me, “Well, how did you do this?” or “How did you do that?” I trained on the Hubbard Administrative Technology and I still referred back to the materials I studied when I was on the job.

It’s a never-ending amazement to me how much there is to know about running a business. But it can be known. And that’s where you and I are lucky. We have the answers in the Hubbard Administrative Technology.

Kevin Willson

1 From article of 12 September, 1970 Training.

Kevin Wilson

Kevin Wilson has been working with the Hubbard Administrative Technology System his entire adult life, studying all 12 encyclopedic volumes of Mr. Hubbard’s management system. He has been at the helm of Sterling Management Systems, a Hubbbard Management consulting company for 25 years and as its CEO has brought the axioms of management to hundreds of thousands of people across North America. To date, Sterling has garnered over 80 local, national and international awards for production, expansion and goodwill. Kevin can be reached at
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